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Hi, I'm Raphael Carvalho

Software Engineer

About me

I am a software engineer graduated from UDELAR (Universidad de la Rep├║blica) in Uruguay. I am currently dedicated to the development of data applications using Python, and web applications using React and Node.js. In this website you will find information about my background, skills and my projects.

Frontend Development

As a frontend developer, I can help you create high-quality web applications using React and TypeScript. I focus on building modern, scalable, and efficient user interfaces. For the visual part, I use Bootstrap for smaller projects and Material UI for larger and more complex applications, as it is an excellent library of components that allows for greater customization and flexibility. With my experience in web application development, I can help you improve the usability and design of your projects.

React.js TypeScript Bootstrap Tailwind CSS Material UI Chakra UI

Backend Development

In backend development I generally use Node.js and Next.js to build scalable and efficient web applications. In addition, I have experience in the design and development of REST APIs using JSON for communication between frontend and backend. For database management, I have knowledge in MySQL and MongoDB, which allows me to adapt to the specific needs of each project. I can also help you build microservices for more complex and efficient systems.

node.js next.js nextAuth API REST tRPC JSON Prisma ORM MySQL MongoDB SQLite Microservice

Python Fullstack

As a Python Fullstack developer, I can help you build robust and scalable web applications using technologies like Flask, Django, and FastAPI. Additionally, I have experience in scripting and data scraping, which allows me to access and process data from various sources. For data analysis, I use Pandas, a powerful Python library for data manipulation and analysis. I can also help you develop automation and data analysis tools for your business. For web scraping, I use Beautiful Soup, a Python library that allows for quick and easy information extraction from websites.

Flask Django Scripting Data Scraping Pandas FastAPI Beautiful Soup

My recent projects

These are some of my recent projects.

Tinta Planner


This project aims to develop a chat platform that leverages embeddings and a vector database to provide personalized and contextually relevant conversations. The platform allows users to engage in chat interactions by providing information such as files or website URLs, enabling an intelligent and tailored conversation experience.

next.js Typescript nextAuth React Tailwind CSS Open AI API Prisma ORM Supabase Postgres Embeddings similarity-search
Tinta Planner

Tinta Planner

Social media content management system designed specifically for digital marketing agencies. With this application, agencies can efficiently manage and organize content assets for their clients, optimizing collaboration and improving productivity.

next.js Typescript nextAuth React Tailwind CSS Open AI API
Prisma ORM Postgres
Next project

Poetry Generator

This is a web application that uses the Next.js framework, the Chakra-UI library for the user interface, and the OpenAI API to generate poetry based on a subject requested by the user on the website.

next.js TypeScript Chakra UI React Tailwind CSS
Openai API Next data streaming
T3 Project

ToDo List App

Todo List App. This application is built with the T3 stack of Next.js, Prisma, and tRPC, plus Tailwind and TypeScript.

next.js nextAuth React Tailwind CSS tRPC
Prisma ORM SQLite
React Project

Rick and Morty

Small Frontend application that uses the Rick and Morty API to test some of the beautiful Material UI components with React and TypeScript :-)

react.js TypeScript React Material UI Redux Toolkit
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